Reasons Why Vaping Is Better Than Smoking

Cigarette is a highly addictive drug and has been the major cause of thousands of lethal diseases found in human beings, including cancer, asthma, bronchitis, and stroke. Unfortunately, it still has a huge sway on our society, and despite incessant warnings by health specialists and doctors, people keep indulging in this habit. A part of it has to do with the highly addictive substance it is composed of, namely nicotine. Nicotine tends to hack the inner circuits of your brain and makes them rely on it for the basic functioning of your brain. That’s the reason why people who are addicted to cigarettes tend to get anxious and irritable when they don’t get their nicotine fix through cigarettes.

Apart from nicotine, it also contains tobacco which is the ingredient that releases over 20,000 toxic substances through combustion whenever you light up your cigarettes. These two ingredients coalesced in a cigarette make up a death stick that takes the lives of over 8 million people worldwide every year. One might wonder if the warnings don’t work and the whole lives of people who are addicted to smoking depend upon cigarettes, then what would actually work to make them stop consuming them altogether? The short answer to that is vaping. Vaping is an extremely smoking cessation tool for people who want to kick out smoking from their lives, whether they do it through refillable vape devices or disposable vapes. And here’s why it is better to vape than to smoke:

  1. There’s less likelihood of relapse
  2. It revives your senses of taste and smell
  3. It improves your personal hygiene
  4. It brings back your stamina

Reduced Likelihood of Relapse:

According to one study, the brain of an addict has more nicotine-binding receptors than the brain of someone who doesn’t smoke. So if you deprive it of nicotine by going cold turkey once and for all, it will eventually relapse when it becomes unbearable to resist. The journey to a smoke-free life is full of stumbling blocks, and it gets hard sometimes to resist temptations; hence you eventually fall prey to them. Vaping helps you slowly curb your nicotine intake by allowing you to tailor it and consume it as per your needs and cravings. That way, you can slowly wean nicotine off instead of cutting it off altogether and making your brain suffer harder than you can bear.

Revival of Essential Senses:

Nonsmokers often detest the smell and taste of cigarettes, and they can easily spot if someone is smoking from miles away because they can catch the lingering smell of ash and tobacco. On the other hand, a smoker couldn’t tell if someone was smoking because his or her sense of smell deteriorates over time. Likewise, smoking kills appetite because of the harsh throat hits it gives, and your taste buds become unresponsive or numb after you become addicted to cigarettes. one of the most notable changes that vaping brings to your body is the revival of your sense of taste and smell. When you start vaping, you will instantly notice that you can smell your surrounding aromas more strongly, and you will also notice a new depth to the food that once seemed bland and tasteless to you. 

Improvement in Personal Hygiene:

Your personal hygiene greatly improves when you switch to smoking because you no longer reek of cigarette smoke; instead, it’s replaced by a fresh and aromatic smell of vapor. Cigarettes also damage your gum and turn your teeth yellow because of the tobacco present in them. When you switch to vaping, your oral hygiene also improves, and you will notice a visible change in the color of your teeth. Your skin and lips no longer feel prone to wrinkle and crack, and the color of your skin doesn’t seem pale anymore. The molecules of smoke tend to linger longer than the molecules of vapor, and hence they pervade the whole space and even stick on your body parts, which is the reason why the fingers of people who smoke also smell like smoke. Vaping rids you of that smell too.

Improvement in Stamina:

The one blessing that smokers deprive themselves of is their stamina. Smokers quickly feel tired and exhausted after intensive physical activity because tobacco and smoke restrict the oxygen supply of their body, and it’s unable to reach the body’s main organs. That’s the reason why most smokers develop breathing issues and lose their breath whenever they climb a flight of stairs or go for a jog. When you smoke, your oxygen supply slowly becomes normal, and your stamina greatly improves within a span of a month. You no longer wake up feeling groggy and tired, and your energy levels also increase in general. You can also sing and laugh without coughing your lungs out because the overall condition of your lungs starts getting better.

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