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Why Is Vaping Trending in Pakistan?

Have you also been seeing an uptick in the number of people holding discrete and stylish vape devices in their hands? Or the number of vape stores that have opened up in every city in the span of a few years? If yes then, you are not wrong to sense that the use of vaping devices and disposable vapes in Pakistan has increased greatly over the years.

Vaping is on the rise, and it is finally being recognized as a healthier and more effective alternative to cigarettes. There have been numerous researches and studies done on the use and effects of vaping. UK NHS concluded a few years back that vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking. Moreover, King’s College did one of the most extensive research on the use of vaping and concluded that vaping drastically reduces exposure to harmful chemicals and toxins that promote cancer, lung disease, and cardiovascular disease.

Vape Brands in Pakistan:

The e-cigarette industry started providing commercialized vape products around the world in late 2010, but vaping products in Pakistan weren’t quite popular back then. Vaping as a practice is still in its infancy in Pakistan, but it has amassed a large audience now than ever before. A lot of international vape brands and stores, including IVG, have started supplying their vape products in the Pakistani market.  You can find e-liquids of a lot of international vape brands at any corner vape store and the options keep on increasing day by day.

With the rise in consumption of vaping products, the rise in counterfeit disposable vapes and e-liquid is also observed. A lot of counterfeit products come from china in bulk and most of them aren’t manufactured in a quality-controlled environment. Hence if you are purchasing vape products in Pakistan, make sure you are getting them from a reputable vape brand or a reliable vendor or vape store.

Vaping Etiquette in Pakistan:

There are no well-defined etiquettes with respect to vaping, but there are some ground rules that should be observed as common courtesy. Vaping isn’t prohibited in Pakistan, and you can use your vape device anywhere you go. But you shouldn’t vape where you wouldn’t smoke for example around children or elderly people. Be respectful at all times and if you go to an outdoor space with no smoking rules, make sure to apply the same rules to vaping.

Blowing large clouds with lots of other people around is also not a good idea. While it has been proven that vaping is not harmful as cigarette smoke and, unlike smoke, vapor does not have a strong odor that will cling to someone’s hair or clothing, it can still be irritating. Thus, it is strongly advised to try to direct your vapor away from where there are people because even vapers may find someone else’s vape clouds irritating.

Stealth vaping is another thing to consider. As our vape gadgets get smaller and more discreet, vaping without attracting attention has become really easy. As stealth vaping is slowly turning into an art form, there are still some guidelines vapers are advised to stick to. Thus, vaping in any place where it is officially forbidden is generally not advised — especially in places where this can lead to serious consequences. For instance, stealth vaping on a plane has already resulted in a number of arrests of vapers on landing.

Does Vaping Have Any Harmful Effects On Bystanders?

Vaping does not pose any health risk to bystanders because it does not entail the combustion of tobacco. Unlike vaping, smoking has proven to be seriously injurious to the health of bystanders, with the risk of premature deaths observed among those who don’t smoke. But vapor is completely safe to be inhaled, as it comprises of 89% PG, and VG, both of which are food-grade ingredients, and only a minuscule amount of nicotine. The vapor is mostly inhaled by the vaper and most of the nicotine present in the e-liquid is directly absorbed in the bloodstream of the vaper.

Is Vaping Halal?

Nicotine itself is actually believed to be harmless scientifically, as it doesn’t pose any inherent health risk to the user. But it is addictive in nature and should only be taken if there is a long-withstanding addiction to nicotine. The ruling on whether vaping is halal or haram will come down to the judgment of physicians. Something which induces harm is prohibited in the Shari’ah, hence cigarettes are prohibited in Islam. But if you are using vaping in order to reduce the harm caused by cigarettes on your body, while also trying to curb your nicotine intake, then your intentions are clear, and you can do it, in moderation. You must also have a clear goal in your mind, as to why you are choosing to vape, and must only pick e-liquids with nicotine, if you are dependent on nicotine.

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